AWS Lambda Vs AWS EC2: How to choose one over another?

About AWS EC2

Amazon Web Services’ Elastic Compute Cloud came around to ease the provision of computing resources for developers. It aimed at providing self-service architecture to businesses serving them on-demand with resilience.


AWS Lambda allows businesses to eliminate infrastructure management of computing. With Lambda, developers can concentrate on writing the function code without worrying about provisioning infrastructure.

Infrastructure Management

I.) Setup & Management Environment

Performance Comparison

A.) Timeout

AWS EC2 VS Lambda: The basics

Use Cases: When to use EC2?

#1. High-performance computing

Use Cases: When to use AWS Lambda?

#1. Low complex code


Many factors need to be analyzed while making a choice between Lambda and ec2. AWS Lambda is perfect for businesses that want to avoid wasting compute resources due to unpredictable traffic for an application but still want a scalable and cost-friendly solution. If you want to do complex processing, but the process can’t be executed in the limited execution time, Lambda is not suitable for you. Even if you’re going to run a complex application that has consistent traffic and wants to operate in a tried and tested deployment environment, EC2 is the right choice. However, for EC2, the only drawbacks are a complex setup environment and provisioning of servers.



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