Geolocation in mobile apps: How brands are using it for marketing?

Mobile technology is being upgraded constantly with each passing year and users are waiting to add new features in their mobile apps. We hear a lot about geolocation mobile apps these days. Well, geolocation is latest and advanced technology that helps in identifying the location of any device.

It is estimated that by the year 2019, there will be a huge demand for location based services. There are hundreds of location based apps that detect the location of user to provide the desired information based on their location. Geolocation is playing an important role in enhancing the features of travel and food delivery apps. Not only this, many social media apps access the location so that the user can check-in at the places with their family or friends.

Travel apps like Uber and Ola are based on geolocation so that they can take to your destination without worrying about the route. The best thing about geolocation based mobile apps is that the route with less traffic and travel time is considered to take users to their destination.

Location based apps have a huge potential as it helps in finding the location of device easily. But, do you know how geolocation in mobile apps works? In this post, I will help you understand geo location in mobile apps and how you can get benefitted?

What is geolocation in apps?

Whether it is iOS or Android, smartphone or tablet this technology helps in determining the exact location of the device. This technology is similar to what we call as GPS (Global Positioning system) with a slight difference. This technology uses cell site triangulation to detect the device.

This technology is used to set up communication between smart devices that has GPS. The ability to integrate geolocation in mobile apps has opened doors to new marketing strategies as well as changed the way how companies interact with customers.

How it works?

Geolocation based mobile apps establish a seamless connection between the device and the satellite and gathers data in real time. The information helps in determining the behavior of moving object or person and can be used by companies to come up with new strategies. Different technologies like Wi-Fi, Geofencing, Cell ID, and GPS technologies are used in the process of gathering data.

Wi-Fi technology helps in determining the exact location of the device compared to other medium. It does either with the help of Receive a Signal Strength Indication (RSSI) or scans the frequently visited places of user on Wi-Fi network.

Geofencing technology helps in determining how close the device is to a specific place. It uses the GPS of device to estimate the same. It can also yield results about the indoor and outdoor presence of the device. There are 3 types of Geofencing triggers such as dynamic, static and combined based on the position of the user with reference to a particular place.

The location of the device can also be determined with the help of cell towers of the mobile networks, in case the GPS server is down. Today, most of the smartphones come with built-in GPS to capture to capture the location sent through satellite, which is confirmed by 4 other satellites.

Where it is used currently?


Weather forecast

The basic uses of geolocation in mobile apps

Location search

How brands are using it for marketing purpose?


Predictive analysis


Weather based advertising

Geolocation based mobile apps offer tremendous benefits to businesses of all types. Geolocation has become a vital part of mobile apps and is changing the way companies communicate with their customers.

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