Healthcare Apps Full Guide: Types, Features and Compliances Compared

Types of Healthcare apps

It is quite astonishing to see the immense variety of healthcare apps that have found their way into medicine and healthcare.

1. Consultation Apps

These are the most common apps that allow patients to book appointments as well as consult doctors online. These apps allow searching for a specialist doctor and book appointments with him. On the fixed time and date the doctor will connect with the patient and provide consultation and prescription. Patients can pay online and get the medicines delivered at home.

2. Medics’ Assistance Apps

Such apps are designed for medical and paramedical professionals to keep a better track of their duties and activities.

What all types of healthcare apps can be there?

3. Self-care Apps

These apps are readily available on app stores that help the users keep track of their personal health and educate them on how to keep their head and heart in good form. All types of fitness trackers, periods and pregnancy trackers, monitoring apps for chronic diseases are part of the list. Sub-categories on this list include:

4. Educational Apps

Educational apps provide access to doctors and medical specialists to get up-to-date information on diseases and improved ways on how to treat them. These apps use augmented reality and advanced graphics to make the user understand various aspects of the body. Many times the apps are better at such explanations than books. Pupils have reported better understanding and faster concept grasping when they learn from apps. Clinical Sense and Lecturio Medical education have provided great value to doctors in different fields. Here are some great insights into how to build an educational app.

5. The Future

Apart from the above we now have apps like levels health and Eightsleep that help one to track glucose levels on the app and sleep. With the help of microchips these app give you insights on your glucose or sleep patterns that you could not have imagined earlier. The future of such apps is very bright and we will see so many of them coming out soon.

How to build an online consultation app?

If you are looking to develop an online consultation app, you have landed in the perfect place. Our experienced team will help you achieve your goals by guiding you through each and every step in the process. Let’s have an overview of what it takes to make an online consultation app.

1. Pre-commencement Analysis

Before you begin to actually develop your app, an in-depth analysis of the users is important to appropriately design and construct your product. Spend some time looking into reports and detailed studies on how your target audience uses consultation apps in their daily life.

2. Design and experience

Keep the design simple and utilitarian so the app does not become a hassle for old people. Generally, patients are aged above 40. While the majority of people know how to use a smartphone, some might find it difficult due to over cluttering of options.

3. Features to include

This stage will be highly influenced by the research work of the pre-commencement phase where you analyze the market, consult with the doctors, and draw logical conclusions on the choices you have in your app.

Basic features of an online doctor consultation app

4. Testing and improving

Once the preliminary version of your app is ready, launch it and obtain data about how users are actually responding to the app. This first-hand information will help to understand the quality of your features and identify flaws that need to be fixed. Once you are done with this, the app is now ready for the market.

5. Marketing

Marketing is an important aspect here because people are not going to know about your app if you sit down and do nothing. You need to get doctors on the platform as well as patients who want to consult the doctors.

6. Business Model

A very important question is how do you earn from the app. The most convenient method is to process all payments from the app for all sorts of online bookings and sessions. The company can then take a haircut from the consultant’s fee and transfer the remaining to the doctor.

Compliances you need to consider

Healthcare is a very sensitive industry and is highly regulated by ethical and regulatory standards. Maintaining confidentiality of the information and always acting with integrity are two fundamental pillars of the standards.


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is the gold standard for sensitive patient data protection. Any company that deals with with protected health information (PHI) must have physical, network, and process security measures covered to ensure HIPAA Compliance.


The General Data Protection Regulation in Europe demands appropriate steps from such app companies to ensure that the patient’s information is protected and stays in safe hands.


The California Consumer Privacy Act is the US counterpart of the GDPR which requires that the user’s data should be protected at any cost. The user should provide all details of the information being collected so that he can have the liberty to decide for himself if he wants to continue or not.


The NIST cybersecurity framework is regarded as the best practice in the industry when it comes to Healthcare apps. While the framework maybe a little too expensive for a startup, it is a must-option for a company that is running and has the means to comply.


The Canadian countersuit of GDPR is the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act that requires more or less the same as the GDPR in Europe. It is highly likely that compliant with one is compliant with the other as well so you do not need any additional efforts to launch in these two jurisdictions.

Our past experiences

As a software company, we have been working with medical organizations including hospitals and educational institutions to improve the field of medicine and healthcare. These include applications for medical equipment as well that aid in better analysis of the information during the diagnosis process.

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