How to make your apps compatible to Android Go?

Things you should know

As mentioned earlier, Android Go is based on the standard version of Android and all catalogs of apps on Google Play will be accessible to Android Go users. However, there is something more to it. Google Play will identify apps that are more suitable for Android Go users and these apps will be highlighted in the list of apps.

Shrink APK size

Do you know the size of APK affects the user’s decision to download and install a mobile app? According to a recent study, there is 1% decrease in installation rate with every 6MB increase in APK size.

Check app’s memory usage

Android Go operating system is more likely to run on mobile devices with less than 1GB RAM. Hence, you need to optimize your mobile app for memory usage. You need to test the memory usage of your app by following the method given below.

Optimizing memory usage in mobile app

Optimizing your mobile app’s memory usage for Android Go can be a tricky thing to do. On one hand, you are trying to build a powerful mobile app for high-end devices and on another hand, you are trying to make it compatible with low-end devices.These are two contrasting things and you need to balance your act while doing so. Here are some ways to reduce app’s memory usage.

Tailor memory usage for the app

The getMemoryInfo () query can help you know the memory heap available for your mobile app.Since several apps run simultaneously in the background, the memory usage changes with time.

Pay attention to startup time

Though Android Go devices are likely to have low horsepower, you need to ensure short startup time for your mobile app. The mobile app should launch within 5 seconds or less. The Logcat command line tool is useful to know the time spent between launching the process and finishing the drawing activity.

Check Battery usage

Android Go devices are more likely to have less powerful batteries than their Android counterparts. Hence, you need to check battery usage and exactly find out how your mobile app is using the battery. You can use Battery Stats or Battery Historian to know about battery usage of your mobile app.

Regulate app behavior during runtime

The battery levels do not remain same all the time. Hence, you need to regulate app behavior during runtime. The battery is a valuable resource for a mobile device and you cannot keep a consistent mobile app behavior at all times.

Using Prefetch data option intelligently

Wi-Fi and Radio are power hungry and you need to delay non-essential network requests from your app wherever necessary.You can follow the strategy of bundling multiple data requests into one network request. You need to also anticipate the data needed for next actions and use prefetch data option when the device is connected to the network. This will ensure the user is able to complete the action even when the data stream is not available due to network issues.However, beware of going overboard while prefetching data as it will only lead to wastage of data to download something users don’t need.

Use Cache option to reduce data usage

If your app has some data that is unlikely to change, you can store it in SQLite database or SharedPreferences. You can cache images in the library like Picasso or Glide.

Creating a tailored APK for Android GO devices

Google Play allows you to create multiple APK’s and assign them same package name in the listing. Instead of keeping a common APK for high-end and low-end devices, you should create a tailored APK for Android Go devices.You can upload both APK’s to Google Play and Google will select and label the best APK for Android Go devices. However, don’t forget to name the right APK in the manifest so that users know which APK they are downloading.

Wrapping up

By following the guidelines and tips given in the article, any professional android app development company can ensure all app users enjoy high-level experience irrespective of the capabilities of their devices. The modifications and tweaks suggested in the article will ensure the app does not fail to impress users even on low-end devices that will take the popularity of the app to next level.



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