Integrating Google Maps API? Simplifying Prices and Plans For You

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Latest Google Maps API Prices and Plans

Google Maps has introduced a platform API ‘pay-as-you-go’ pricing model some time back. The revamped model ensures more flexibility and control for developers who choose to use Google Maps APIs. The developers can use a limited or large section of the API and pay for precisely what they use.

Details of Google Maps APIs and Prices
Details of Google Maps Routes APIs and Prices
Details of Google Maps Places APIs and Prices

Chronology of Google Maps Platform Developments

Initially, Google Maps for Business offered two plans, namely:

Cost Bump for Businesses

All web development and app development companies regardless of their usage, are required to have a valid API key and a Google Cloud Platform billing account. These are prerequisites for availing the free $200 credit that facilitates access to not just dynamic but also static maps. The credit line also lets developers leverage easy access to Routes and Places products of the Google Maps Platform. The price hike has had a detrimental impact on businesses, especially the ones that cater to small niches and have a relatively more limited user base.


The Google Maps API price hike can be detrimental for small businesses, but still, some developers like to believe that the benefits that Google brings along are compelling enough to pay the raise. Since Google Maps leverages real-time data that is supplied from its massive user base, it is continually updated with more than 25 million updates and over 20 million user contributions over a single day. Developed with ML capabilities, it promises an optimized experience across devices and entities teams to continue its use despite the increase in the charges and the availability of other open-source alternatives. Development teams appreciate the unique features offered by Google maps in terms of UX and interactivity, which are far more developed when compared to its competitors.



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