Progressive Web Apps are Popping Everywhere. What Gives?

What are Progressive Web Apps?

To explain in the most basic terms, a progressive web app is an app that is built and lives on the web, but its functions mimic those of a native app. Designed with popular web technologies, such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, it is intended to run on any platform that uses the standard-compliant browser. Being able to run without the internet or when the internet connection is a bit rough, using the cache, PWAs sure provide a bundle of benefits which have led to the increase in their popularity

Characteristics of Progressive Web Apps

PWAs are like a hybrid of a web experience and a native app that provides a smooth mobile browsing experience, though it is not limited to phones only. They have some really cool features.

Top Features of PWAs

How are they different: Native apps vs Progressive Web Apps

Both native and progressive web apps have their own benefits but in order to briefly summarize the difference between the two, their basic features have been compared.

Native Apps Vs Progressive Web Apps

Popular Brands Using PWAs

Most of the big social platforms, be it Facebook, Twitter, Tinder have started using progressive web apps to take full advantage of their capabilities. This also led businesses seeking to increase user engagement to resort to progressive web apps. It is speculated that PWAs can help businesses gain more than ten times more users than before. Since these apps require less storage and are easily manageable, their popularity ranking has been going up.

Popular Brands using PWAs

Making a Progressive Web App

Now we know why creating a progressive web app might be a good idea for one’s business but in order to do so, we have to learn the technologies involved and how to use them. PWAs are designed using the most common web technologies, an important one of which is JavaScript.

Are Progressive Web Apps the Future?

We sure are living in an age of technological revolution. In the previous decade, we saw the number of smartphone users surpass the number of desktop/pc users. It is due to the ease of access that a smartphone provides.



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