The right way to build an app when on budget

Not every aspiring app entrepreneur has a big budget. Though app development is expensive, it does not mean you cannot build an app when on a tight budget.In this post, we share some secrets on how to minimize spending without jeopardizing the success of your mobile app.

Clearly define product goals

When you are on a tight budget, the first thing you need to dois have clearly defined product goals. You need to have answers to questions like

Select appropriate pricing model

There are two pricing models for app development- hourly and fixed. When you are on a tight budget, the fixed pricing model seems more reasonable. However, there are some downsides of this pricing model such as you don’t have enough freedom to make changes in the product when you get new insights from your customers or investors.

Know your financial constraints

Some app development companies offer a third type of pricing model known as Fixed Budget Model. This pricing model works in a different way

Understand the factors that affect app pricing

The cost of app development is based on specific factors and you can get a perfect estimate if youdon’t know them in detail.Here is the list

What affects pricing of an app

Go for limited device range and select one platform

You can keep costs under control by focusing on one platform and limiting to a smaller device range. Developing for Android platform becomes expensive mainly due to a wide range of devices.If you are planning to develop a mobile app for Android platform, you can select certain models and device sizes. Similarly, if you are developing a mobile app for iOS platform, you can consider iPhone models such as iPhone 5/5S/6/6S and later models running iOS 9 and above. You will be alienating some users by limiting the range of devices but it will also help in controlling the app development costs.

Build an MVP (minimum viable product) first

Building an MVP means you don’t rush to build a full-fledged app with all fancy features at the initial stage. It is a cautious approach where you launch the mobile app with truncated features before investing more money into app development. An MVP allows you to gather feedback, validate your ideas/assumptions with actual users and also analyze the demand for such application. All this information can be used to pitch the solution to investors.The MVP allows you to minimize risks as it prevents you from pouring money into a product that won’t bring good ROI.

Keep these in mind!

Don’t jump to build a hybrid app

A hybrid app isfaster to build and also cost less. This is the primary reason for app entrepreneurs wanting to build a hybrid app. Whilea hybrid app seems to be an attractive solution, it isn’t always. Hybrid apps are known to bring best and worst of Native and HTML5 together.However, the platform does not allow you to deploy advanced functionalities like video streaming.Though app development companies might suggest some technical workarounds, they are not always stable.In fact, your hybrid mobile app won’t be able to take advantage of nativetechnologies which will result in the creation of a mediocre app that no one is interested in.

Spend time to know about expensive features

Incorporating some app functionality will need some time and higher budget. Hence, you need to find out which features are expensive and can be incorporated later. However, you need to keep one thing in mind; you cannot ignore main features of the app to save on costs. For example,features like a live stream of videos is expensive but you cannot ditch it if you plan to build an app like Periscope.

Consider ongoing maintenance costs

The budget should not be limited to app development only. It should also consider app maintenance costs especially if the app uses 3rd party services.For example, if your app needs to send text notifications, you need to pay to 3rd party service provider for the same. Also, if the app uses some payment gateway, you will be required to pay for the services.There are bunch of free APIs available and the app development company may suggest them during project meetings


Thus, you can see it is not hard to create a mobile app with limited budget. Follow the given guidelines and you can create a mobile app that has all elements needed for success. Or better outsource it to Promatics Technologies, India’s premier mobile app development company.

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