Why APIs are so Crucial for any Mobile App these Days?

What is an API?

An API acts as a liaison between two separate pieces of code that need to interact with each other for features of the application to work correctly.

The Famous Car API

A very commonly quoted example is that of a car where you have the steering wheel, pedals, levers and knobs for different functions. You need to understand the functions of these levers and pedals in the cabin only and you can drive even if you do not know the exact functioning of the engine.

How mobile apps are completely dependent on APIs?

Smartphone experience is becoming more and more compact with every passing day. Applications on your phone are interacting with each other and many other databases to bring you the simple and seamless user experience that you are fond of.

What is the best environment to build app APIs — Node.JS?

Node.js is a very popular environment based on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. It comes with the added ease of JavaScript which is the most frequently used programming language in mobile app development.

Node.js was born to build APIs
Node.js all the way

In the nutshell…

In the nutshell, APIs are very important tools that not only help the developers to deliver greater utilitarian products in lesser timeframe, they also help explore new avenues to improve the user experience.



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